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Neo nutrition was created to optimize the well-being, recovery, hydration and rehydration capacity of dogs in general.

Dogs need a balanced diet to maintain optimal health and fitness. Natural dietary supplements can play an important role in their daily diet by providing additional nutrients that may be lacking in their normal diet. The three most commonly used dietary supplements for active and sporting dogs are salmon oil, spirulina and krill oil.

Julien Zeebroek-CEO-SDC SRL



Neo nutrition is committed to providing the best natural food supplements for dogs, based on rigorous and impartial scientific studies. We work closely with a group of university veterinarians and a laboratory to establish the best food supplement formulas.​

Our goal is to provide comfort by maximizing dogs' ability to recover, hydrate and rehydrate, providing essential nutrients that may be missing in their daily diet.

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Neo nutrition is a brand dedicated to improving the health and well-being of dogs. We believe dogs deserve the best, and we are determined to provide it.

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