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With the NOVA OUTDOOR brand, we decided to fill a hole in our offering by integrating a range of accessories for sports and recreational activities. We take up the codes of sporting dog traction while offering the public the opportunity to hike, walk, explore and discover the world. The NOVA OUTDOOR range is vast, it covers a whole range of activities to practice with your dog in an optimal way, with robust, quality products designed for the most extreme conditions. The range is young, but we have developed the most interesting products for the general public.

Julien Zeebroek-CEO-SDC SRL

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Nova outdoor is a range of accessories for active dogs! If you have a dog who loves to explore, discover and engage in outdoor activities, then this range is for you. Developed in Belgium with strict quality criteria, these accessories are designed to provide your dog with a premium experience during their outdoor adventures. Each product is made with the finest materials to ensure the durability and performance of each item. We believe active dogs deserve the best and we are proud to offer you a range of high quality accessories to meet their needs. Ready to explore with your four-legged friend? Then discover our range of accessories for active dogs.

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Whether you are a fan of canirando, exploring and discovering new trails at the ends of the world, you need durable accessories, capable of withstanding the difficulties of the hostile environment that you encounter. With the Nova outdoor range, you have everything you need to focus only on these unforgettable moments of your trip!

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Événements à venir

  • Nova outdoor experiences series I Canipaddle
    Nova outdoor experiences series I Canipaddle
    Sun, 11 Aug
    Lieu à définir
    11 Aug 2024, 10:00 – 12:00
    Lieu à définir
    Embarquez pour une aventure inoubliable en paddle avec votre chien ! Rejoignez nous à en tandem avec votre compagnon à quatre pattes. Une expérience unique de complicité et de fun vous attend sur l'eau !
  • Nova outdoor experiences series I Workshop sur la canirando
    Nova outdoor experiences series I Workshop sur la canirando
    Sun, 23 Jun
    23 Jun 2024, 09:00 – 17:00
    Seraing, Av. des Puddleurs, 4100 Seraing, Belgique
    Participez à notre workshop unique sur la canirando ! Venez découvrir cette activité sportive enrichissante qui renforce les liens avec votre compagnon à quatre pattes tout en explorant la nature. Rejoignez-nous pour une journée de partage, d'apprentissage et de plaisir en plein air !
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