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  • What is an FAQ section?
    The FAQ section allows you to quickly answer your frequently asked questions about our online store, for example: "To which countries do you offer shipments?" », « What are the means of return? », but also more technical questions about our products! FAQs are a great way to help you navigate our online store. As we receive questions, we will adapt this FAQ so that they answer as many questions as possible. Julian
  • How can I place an order?
    To place an order follow these steps: 1. Create an account 2. Choose the useful section and add the item(s) you want to buy 3. Validate your cart by choosing the payment method 4. If you have a discount code, insert it in the appropriate field 5. If you have a Collection Point to communicate to us, notify it in the appropriate field 4. Pay the order online and securely 5. A confirmation email is always sent to you, check your spam if necessary
  • When is my order processed and sent?
    Most items are in stock and are dispatched the same day if the order is placed before 2pm on the day of the order. In the case of a food order, e.g. croquettes, these orders require a different treatment. Indeed, we use a carrier different from our other deliverers who picks up your order at the workshop. We therefore try to consolidate orders so that we only have one shift per week. It is therefore possible that the processing time is longer and will depend on the relief of our carrier. Concerning orders for carts, sleds, scooters, the delay can also be longer and it depends on the manufacturing delays of our manufacturers. For example, you must count at least 4 weeks for a scooter. Always send us an e-mail or call us before placing an order in order to know the manufacturing and delivery times. Be certain that we are doing everything we can to process your order as soon as possible, if we need additional time to process your order, we will notify you as soon as possible.
  • How is the delivery of my order supported
    When you have finalized your order, paid for it and received your confirmation by e-mail, the order is then processed and sent for delivery. We work with a parcel shipping platform that gives us the opportunity to have better prices. However, delivery costs have increased in recent years and costs fluctuate constantly! We monitor our shipping platform in order to modify these prices downwards or upwards according to the prices offered to us. Let's get back to the expedition! You have the opportunity to choose different deliverers and delivery methods: pick-up point or at home. Once your order has been packed, we register it on our shipping platform (Bpost, Dpd, UPS), if you have chosen a specific collection point, we register it. If this is not the case, we always choose the collection point closest to your home. If we have any problem with a collection point, we will send you a message and put your order on hold, in order to have the necessary information to send your order. Once all the shipping information has been validated, you will automatically receive a tracking link for your order by e-mail from our delivery person and also via our site, in order to notify you of the status of the delivery. . You can follow the progress of the delivery of the order via a link sent to you. Any delivery problems must be notified to the delivery person, you have all the information in your possession to do the necessary and know the delivery status of your order. In case the order is lost by the carrier, please contact us!
  • I received my order, I am not satisfied?
    Not satisfied with your order? No worries, you can return your order or the unsuitable item to us within 7 days and in its original packaging, with the item's label. If the item is not provided with its label (if it has one), we do not accept the return. We do not accept returns if the item has been worn outside or is dirty. (see return conditions) How? By your own means, we do not intervene in returns, they are your responsibility and must be returned to us either at our workshop or by collection point! (see return procedure) If the fault lies with us, we will take the necessary steps to send you a return form (only for orders sent by Bpost, Dpd, Ups). In all other cases, you must take the necessary steps yourself to return the item to us. Of course, we know it can be tricky and we're here to help if you have any issues returning the item to us. Contact us by e-mail, phone or message to help you
  • I had an account on the old site, do I have to create a new one?
    Yes, you need to create a new account! Unfortunately, customer accounts have not followed the update and you will have to create an account again. It's quick and easy, so take 1 min to do it.
  • With the new site, the loyalty points in my account have disappeared?
    No, they haven't disappeared, but they haven't been updated with the new version of the site. When you create a new account, you will automatically receive your start-up "canipoints" and if you wish to recover the old balance of points, send us a short message. We will upgrade your points to your new account.
  • What are the loyalty program canipoints?
    The loyalty program was set up to thank loyal customers. Each person who registers on the site receives "canipoints", you can save these canipoints and as soon as you have 120 points, you unlock a 20% reduction on your order! Each order placed on the site gives you 40 canipoints! Everything is automatic and our site sends your discount code directly to your e-mail box!
  • My kibble order was not delivered within the time frame mentioned on the site!
    It is possible that the delivery of kibble takes longer! Indeed, the stock available on the site is a theoretical stock. We have customers who also come to pick up their kibble in the store and we don't know how to keep track of the stock. It is therefore possible that the stock, at the time of your order, is not correct. We make every effort to deliver your order within 7 days of your order.
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