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Our WIN-WIN offers for clubs 

Offer WIN-WIN for canicross clubs: Maximize your resources and income!

In the world of canine pulling sport, where clubs dedicated to this growing discipline seek to provide the best equipment to their members, it is essential to find financially viable solutions. That's why we offer an WIN-WIN Specially designed for clubs and groups. This unique offer allows them to benefit from a demonstration pack at a small amount, while transforming these tests into opportunities to generate additional income for the smooth running of their club.

The demo pack : Our offer WIN-WIN starts with providing a full demo pack for clubs to choose from our offer. This pack will include a carefully chosen selection of the best canicross gear, such as harnesses, tow lines, harnesses and other essential accessories. This demonstration equipment will allow clubs to carry out the first tests of new members or members wishing to renew their equipment during training sessions. All the items in the range present in the demo kits belong to you, if during the year one or the other part were to be damaged by its use, we take care of the renewal* of it! ​

Converting tests into sales : Once clubs have used the demo pack and members have had a chance to try out the products, each trial can be converted into a sales opportunity. Members can then place orders with the responsible person to buy the equipment they have preferred and find the ones best suited to their needs. Clubs will act as a facilitator by collecting orders and forwarding them to our company, which will arrange for the direct shipment of products to the club.

Revenue Generationus for the club :  Thanks to this offer WIN-WIN, clubs can not only provide their members with a hands-on experience with quality products, but they also have the opportunity to generate additional revenue to support the smooth running of the club. Each sale made from the demonstration tests will allow the club to collect the profits from this sale. This can be used to fund club activities, buy new equipment or cover other operational costs.

What exactly do the kits contain?: In each kit you have a harness, a line (specific to each kit) and a copy of each size (1 to 8) of our x-back harness or our Omega openback harness). You have the opportunity to enhance these kits with additional items at a reduced rate or to compose your kit with what you want as an item.


 The offer WIN-WIN that we offer to clubs is an effective solution to meet their financial needs while providing their members with high quality equipment. By opting for our demo pack, clubs can not only test the equipment before buying it, but also turn these tests into sales to generate additional revenue. This helps build club sustainability, improve the member experience, and support overall club growth.

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You can also create your pack at your convenience and for that you benefit from the best prices.

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Nos autres offres et réductions


Membre du site

-10% à vie sur tout (sauf canitrottinette, cart, nourritures)


Code réductions clubs et groupes

-15% pour tous les membres de votre club ou groupe (demandez votre code) (sauf canitrottinettes, carts, nourritures)


Commande groupée

-20% à -25% dépendant de la somme totale de la commande passée par un seul interlocuteur du club

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